Brief History of Our Firm

"HANSUNG Intellectual Property is a patent corporation newly established in 2016, transformed from HANSUNG International IP & Law Firm which was founded in 1990 by Kyu-Pal Choi. Mr. Choi, the managing partner of HANSUNG, graduated from the College of Pharmacy at Seoul National University, and worked as an examiner at the Korean Intellectual Property Office (KIPO) for many years. He is recognized as a prominent expert in the IP community in Seoul. HANSUNG represents well-known international clients such as Bayer AG, Johnson & Johnson and Dow Chemical for protection of their patent interests in Korea. Over a quarter-century, HANSUNG has grown larger by merging with three other patent offices and scouting for IP specialists such as the former commissioner and former chief trial examiners at the Intellectual Property Tribunal of KIPO. HANSUNG has successfully served봞nd continues to serve봠lients in diverse fields in pharmacy, chemistry, and biotechnology, and also those in the electrical and mechanical engineering fields. It has a strong trademark department as well."

Our Advantage

Patent attorneys at HANSUNG are highly experienced professionals with educational backgrounds second to none. The main attorneys at HANSUNG graduated from the country셲 best institutions봲uch as Seoul National University, Korea University, Yonsei University and Ewha Womans University. Some of our attorneys worked at the KIPO in the roles of commissioner, chief trial examiner and examiner. Such work experience at the KIPO benefits communication among examiners, our firm and our clients. Furthermore, our services are constantly updated through careful attention to the latest trends in international IP practice; our patent attorneys frequently attend conferences and meetings organized by the AIPPI, APAA, INTA, FICPI and LES. Patent attorneys at HANSUNG are experts in serving international clients and are always ready to cooperate with other law firms. HANSUNG serves a host of domestic and overseas clients in need of assistance in patent prosecution and litigation. We have well-established relationships with other top patent law firms in more than 50 countries around the world. Because of our close relationships with foreign firms, domestic clients are able to enjoy their legal services. Foreign clients often express satisfaction with the service we provide in the patent and trademark fields. Moreover, we have patent lawyers who specialize in technology and can provide comprehensive and effective legal service in case of patent disputes.

Our Service

HANSUNG셲 patent attorneys give a wide range of service encompassing novelty and infringement searches, patent portfolio management, advice on patentability of inventions, drafting patent specifications, filing and prosecuting patent applications, infringement and validity of patents, and patent opposition proceedings. We provide clients with the most effective strategies for developing and protecting patents, and we work quite closely with clients from the very initial stage to the finishing step. For 26 years now, we have successfully represented our clients before the IPT, Patent Court and Supreme Court. Like a smooth-running machine, HANSUNG assists our clients quietly but constantly in the vital field of intellectual property.