• 1990's

    • September 1990 Kyu-Pal Choi, equipped with a pharmacy degree from Seoul National University and long experience as an examiner in the Korean Intellectual Property Office, forms HANSUNG International IP & Law Firm. He and four staff members share quarters at the Sang Kyung Building in Seoul. Despite the firm's name, all of its clients are Korea based.
    • 1991 HANSUNG International secures its first major international client, Bayer AG.
    • 1992Johnson & Johnson tabs HANSUNG International to handle much of its patent and IP work in Korea.
    • February 1992 The patent office run by Seok-Jung Kim merges with HANSUNG International.
    • Mid-1990s HANSUNG International diversifies its client base, moving into biotechnology, electrical engineering and mechanical engineering.
    • March 1999 The Ministry of Finance and Economy recognizes Mr. Choi for his diligence as a taxpayer. He will be so honored again in 2008.
    • November 1999 HANSUNG International moves into its new office at the Halla Classic Building in the Kangnam District of Seoul.
  • 2000's

    • 2002HANSUNG International secures Dow Chemical (formerly Rohm & Haas) as a client.
    • June 2002 Song-Bae Jeong merges his firm with HANSUNG International.
    • February 2004 Hong-Shik Park, former commissioner of the KIPO, joins HANSUNG International.
    • July 2009 Wan-Sik Kang, Chief Trial Examiner, Intellectual Property Tribunal of KIPO, joins HANSUNG International.
  • 2010's

    • September 2011 Bong-Seok Park, Examiner, Korea Intellectual Property Office, joins HANSUNG International.
    • October 2011Ha-Yeon LEE merges his firm with HANSUNG International.
    • March 2016HANSUNG International IP & Law Firm decides to incorporate and changes its name to Hansung Intellectual Property.
    • March 2016HANSUNG Attorneys at Law is founded.